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Writing is a process, and it doesn’t happen all at once. It takes time and often involves returning to earlier steps throughout the process. Many writers find themselves writing and thinking through their ideas multiple times.

This is because writers discover ideas and learn more about what they want to say as they write.

Each writer has her or his unique writing process: a way of prewriting, drafting, and revising. Some would also say that a writer’s process is different for each piece of writing. As you practice writing, you are also developing an understanding of your individual writing process. Paying attention to this process can help you identify what you’ve done so that you can plan what you need to do next.

Select one topic from the list below. Develop a five- paragraph essay. Must include an introduction paragraph and your thesis sentence, 3-body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Be sure to a heading to the left of your margin(which includes name, date, class, instructor’s name), 1-inch margins, double space, indent each paragraph, 12-inch font, and include a title for your essay. You can use the first person “I,” but do not use the second person pronouns “you, your, yourself.”

Type your assignment in a Microsoft Office Word document. 


1. Write an essay on the principal social activities that make up your weekends. Describe a typical weekend; then explain why you pursue these particular activities.

2. Write an editorial essay about the suicide rate in the United States, expressing your opinions on the subject. Explore some reliable Internet sources if necessary.

3. Of all your family members, which of them do you need most in your life? In what ways do they fulfill your needs? What would you do without them? In a narrative essay, explain the various roles these people play in your life. Decide upon a clear purpose for your essay before you start writing.

4. Write an essay telling your classmates about a time you felt out of place. Make a special effort to communicate your feelings regarding this experience. Remember to choose your details and point of view with a specific purpose in mind.

5. Write a narrative about the most unusual day in your life. Decide on a particular vantage point, and make sure your essay has a specific purpose.

6. Analyze the main role you assume in your family (e.g., peacemaker, organizer, cook, comedian). How did you acquire this role? Why do you continue to assume this responsibility?