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there are 2 assignment base on one topic

assignment 1


Two girls are in their dorm rooms, they suddenly get a call from their friend that there is a party and they should accompany their friend. This is very late around 11 pm at night and tomorrow at 7am both of the girls have their finals for the semester. They not read enough because they had planned to study this night know they have to choose between the party and the studying for the finals.

base on this situation write

Storyline: (Provide a simple story summary. In one paragraph of 8-10 sentences.)

Ending shot: (What does the final shot of your short film look like? What is going on?)

Main disagreement: (A wants X. B is against X)

Action At Stake: (Identify one action that symbolizes/represents the disagreement.)

Character Issues: (List a few issues each character has in 2-3 sentences.)

Character Dynamics: (Describe their relationship before this moment.)

Key Dialogue: (Jot down dialogue ideas, out of order and out of context.)

assignment 2

base on assignment 1write a draft of the script here as a Word file attachment.

there is an example of script