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Using the knowledge you gained from the readings, evaluate how a typical drug, when orally administered, may be handled differently by these two patients:

  • Ms. Jones is a 30-year-old female personal trainer that is 5’ 4” tall weighing 110lbs. She regularly drinks socially and sometimes more than a bit when she meets with her bi-weekly book club.
  • Mr. Smith is a 65-year-old software tester who is 6’ tall and weighs 235lbs. He drinks only occasionally.

Assume no other significant medical history or issues with either patient. In your analysis, compare how the two patients will metabolize the drug considering weight, gender, distribution of body water and body fat, age, metabolic state, and alcohol use. Explain how these factors impact the pharmacokinetics of the drug (half-life, dosage, route of administration, and elimination of the drug). Evaluate the impact on the risk-benefits analysis of the use of this drug.


(an excerpt from The Last Lecture).  You may want to take notes as you watch the video.

Next, write a one page (double-spaced) response or reaction to the video. The response needs to have either a clear thesis or a clear topic sentence that indicates the main focus of your response.  Include the title of the video and the name of the author in your response.  Once you have given the author’s full name you will need to refer to the author by last name.  Your response may be written in either first or third person.  Include specific evidence/examples from the video in your response. This response should have a four line MLA heading and a title.

Learning Objectives:

  • Write in a style that clearly communicates meaning, builds credibility, and inspires belief or action