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Response 2(50 words):

Social business, which refers to using social media technologies for interacting with and facilitating communication and collaboration among employees, customers, and other stakeholders, is one of the most current challenges managers face. (Daft, 2016)

Personally, I’ve used more of the professional platform such as, LinkedIn.  In relation to connecting with individuals’ leaders or entrepreneur’s the platform has benefited many organizations when searching for high talented individuals. There are many pros and cons about the platform however, the pros definitely outweigh the con’s in relation to building an influential network.

In most cases, LinkedIn offers a professional environment for individuals to connect with a wide range of professions.  In addition, the ease of communication and targeted audience are both positive aspects of the tool.

The negative impacts could be incomplete or fake profiles of individuals that fabricate their employment history however, fabrication can even happen during face to face conversations.  In addition, the perception that LinkedIn will automatically provide employment doesn’t necessary hold true.  All negative impacts could help with a more traditional means of communication but the idea of technology can bring additional heightened speculation.

Overall, my experience with social business has been very positive.  Personally, I truly recommend exploring additional avenues of ‘doing business’ with not only employees but also customers.

Reference: Daft, R. L. (2016). Organization theory and design. Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Wester