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ASSIGNMENT 1. In the business world, you may well be called upon to write memos, letters, social media posts, and other materials that speak to a viewpoint you disagree with or for which you have no natural empathy.  This happens often in professional communications work.  When should you voice your opinion? Where do you draw the line?  Must personal values reconcile with job demands, and if so, how?  Consider a concept public relations specialists espouse:  There are many truths.  Do you agree with that?  Does it lead you to broaden your perspective or feel more receptive to others?

Your Assignment:

Consider the paragraph above and imagine a scenario where your boss sets an organizational policy that you disagree with personally.  Using the underlined questions above, craft a response (minimum 300 words) on what you would do, and why.



Love in a Digital Oriented Society, First Draft:

Write a research essay analyzing how to create and sustain a loving relationship with a partner in a society that is becoming more oriented toward digital, augmented, and virtual experiences.

Using the Master Plan as a guide, why does it matter? who does this matter to? write an introduction, a foundational information section, an opposing/diverging viewpoints section, a findings section, and your conclusion. Address the following issues in your analysis:

  • Can committed relationships last in a multitasking context full of distractions and interruptions from electronic devices?
  • How does a more digitally oriented society change the rules of successful relationship?

Check you work against the research paper checklist and

  • Use at least 4 research sources, with in-text citations for each of those sources, and a Works Cited page in
  • The Works Cited page is the last page of your essay document, not a separate page
  • correct MLA format
  • Use at least 3 citations per page, one for a quote and two for summaries.
  • 1500 words, total.