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Chapter 4: Answer discussion questions 4 & 6

  • How do strategic, operational, and tactical planning differ? How might the three levels complement one another in an organization?
  • What accounts for the shift from strategic planning to strategic management? In which industries or companies is this essential? Why?

Chapter 5: Answer discussion questions 2 & 6

  • Choose one or more topics from Exhibit 5.3 and discuss their current status and the ethical issues surrounding them.
  • What are the arguments for and against the concept of corporate social responsibility? Where do you stand and why? Give your opinions about some of the in-text examples.

Complete the 5.1 Measuring your Ethical Work Behavior experiential exercise at the end of Chapter 5 and provide your chosen solution along with a synopsis of what you learned about yourself after completion.


need 5 page slides topic is porsche

1.Who are the organization’s target audiences?

2. Is the content interesting?

3. Is paid advertising being used on social?

4. Competitive review: review 2 competitors or similar organizations and


5. What would you do differently to improve this organization’s social media



You are a salesperson for the company that markets the product  featured in your course project. You arrive at the customer’s office to  find out that your sales meeting has been canceled. On your way down the  elevator, you see the key decision-maker who apologizes for the  last-minute cancellation and asks you to share the highlights of your  sales presentation.

For your discussion:

  • Write the sales pitch you would give during your 30-second elevator  ride. Remember, the goal is to convince the decision-maker to take on  your product based on this sales pitch so be sure your pitch is both  fact-based and persuasive!
  • Respond to another student whose product you would buy (if you were  the decision-maker) and discuss what aspects of the sales pitch are  most persuasive.