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write an account of what you think the photographer was trying to accomplish by taking it. You are forming a theory about the image which you will support with details from the image – this step is crucial to visual analysis. Also, write about the cultural messages that the photographer was portraying. How does the arrangement of the people in the image represent our values as a culture or what does the “story” captured in the image say about our values?

After you describe the image, write 1-2 pages analyzing the importance of the elements to communicating the significance of the event captured in the image. Begin with a concrete description of the image and then go into your analysis.

Be sure to include a Works Cited page and include a citation for your image in your draft/final.

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Each student will be given a class meeting date to speak about a current event that you learned about in a podcast, which relates to some aspect of the course material. You should be prepared to talk about what you learned and how it connects with course concept(s) for 5-10 minutes and take questions from your classmates.

Podcast ideas:

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