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Assignment description: Topic: First food demand in Australia and outside(other country) of Australia ( give more focus in Australia ) 1.using journal ,books, newspaper, cases, article’s and also other sources . 2. Try to find recent new and innovative information that helps to get bonus mark. 3. Your assignment should be a report format. -table of contain -introduction (don’t make introduction to big) -under the main tropic add some sub point that cover the body part -give good conclusion 4. to ensure the report has overall them structure and conclusion 5. This is 2000 word report plus 12 PowerPoint slides(in power point slide you need to summarize your report) 6. In slide u can use table, graph, interesting pictures that related your topic. 7. Good slide design u can get bonus mark. 8. Referencing you using Harvard anglia referencing style 9. Give side referencing. 10. You should follow proper referencing system