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A major course focus has been marketing within companies (for-profit organizations). However, marketing is just as important in non-profit organizations whether they are social organizations, churches, soup kitchens, or charities. Think about all the advertisements on television for organizations like St. Jude′s Research Hospital, Shriner′s Hospital for Children, Humane Society, or the American Red Cross. What you are seeing on television is the communication portion of their marketing programs. Behind those efforts are the same issues of segmentation, targeting, the ″4P′s″, and positioning. So, for this final assignment of the course, let’s focus on the importance of marketing to non-profit organizations. Using the link to video cases provided in the general course information, please watch the video on the Big Brother/Big Sisters (BBBS) organization and then address the following: 1. Who are the target customers that BBBS markets to? Are there any specific segments they focus on? If so, what are they? 2. What is the BBBS ″product″? 3. What are the BBBS′s specific mission, vision, and measures of success? 4. BBBS has over 400 local agencies in all 50 states. What is the resulting brand challenge the video describes? 5. Writing quality, format, grammar, etc.