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  Anton’s syndrome my research paper

Prior to beginning work on this assignment visit the PubMed Central (Links to an external site.) web page. You may also consider reviewing the PubMed Central Quick Start Guide (Links to an external site.) and PubMed Tutorials (Links to an external site.) to help you navigate the resource more effectively.

For your assignment this week, you will complete an additional step on your selected topic for the final project. This week you will gather another five scholarly sources that relate to the behavioral aspects of your topic. Please note that the topic you selected will determine what questions you will address from the two options listed below.

  • Option A: If you have selected a brain-based disorder,
    • Describe the symptoms of the disorder and how those symptoms are related to the brain structures that are involved.
  • Option B: If you have selected a brain process,
    • Discuss how the brain processes information to reach the behavior in question.


Please review the two STEAM/STEM VIDEOS. WHAT IS STEAM/STEM? Summarize what you learned from the videos and reflect on which ideas you can use in your classroom. Explain the research method and how you could teach preschoolers the stages of the research process.
Supplies, Design Phase, Engineering, Testing Phases, Redesign and Engineering, Retest, Conclusion and Application.

videos are attached

STEM Video in a Pre-K Classroom,

Pre-K STEAM Project Video,