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Assessment 1 guidelines and criteria You need to write a reflective essay of 3000 words about the relevant knowledge and skills related to the management of a specific aspect of diabetes care. Guidelines for Criteria 1: Your introduction should include what your clinical area of expertise is, what aspect or part aspect of diabetes are you intending to cover and what the essay contains. It is also OK to say what you will NOT include. You can say that you will respect confidentiality (if a person is included). Do give definitions. Guidelines for Criteria 2: You need to critically discuss the aspect you have chosen and give reasons for its importance in diabetes care. This must be from your own personal clinical perspective (your own experiences) and it must be from a theoretical perspective (analysing what the literature says). Guidelines for Criteria 3: You need to critically discuss ONE main point of your learning about this aspect / part aspect of diabetes care, gained from your reading for this essay. You also need to critically discuss how you propose that clinical practice is being influenced/ or will be influenced as a result of your learning by choosing to create ONE change in your clinical area and tell the reader the detail about the single change you plan. This will be related to changing what happens where you work (not directly with patients). This is an important part of the work and is not the conclusion. Notes: This essay is not suitable for a case history. You can include a patient (briefly) just as an illustration but the essay needs you to concentrate on the aspect or part aspect you have chosen, not the patient.