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Please Refer to the Below Proposal Assignment Done:

The Assignments are in Continuation to the above Proposal Assignment. The Topic Needs to be the same as Chosen in The Field Proposal. The Feedback of the Field Proposal Assignment Done by you is very important and should be fixed in the linked assignments.



The genre (form) and topic of the proposed project are stated, and why each was chosen is adequately explained.

Feedback:I’m a little confused about your genre, since you identified it as “descriptive copywriting” in the first paragraph but as a research paper in the last paragraph.

You need to Fix the Whole project and related assignments according to the Feedback. Dont need to resubmit the Proposal Assignment again but related assignments need to have common genre.

Proposal Assignment Attached  for Reference :

ManagingTechnologicalInnovationinDigitalBusinessEnvironments (1)

So, if you understand, THREE(3) assignment submissions are Required. Each assignment needs to be submitted a s a separate file. So I need three files to be submitted. Each assignment has its set of instructions and the Grading Rubric that needs to be followed very strictly and are self explanatory. I am paying for A. Any other score will not be entertained. Assignment 1 and 2 are due in 30 Hours. Assignment 3 is due in 48 Hours.:


Assignment 1:

  • Annotated Bibliography

Documents for Instructions and Grading Rubric:

  • Annotated_Bibliography_Instructions_updated
  • ENGL602_Annotated_Bibliography_Grading_Rubric

Assignment 2:

  •  Research Quick Guide

Documents for Instructions and Grading Rubric:

  • Research_Quick_Guide_Instructions_updated
  • ENGL602_Research_Quick_Guide_Rubric

Assignment 3:

  •   Writing in Your Field Project: Final Product

Documents for Instructions and Grading Rubric:

  • Writing_in_Your_Field_Project_Final_Product_Instructions_updated
  • ENGL602_Writing_In_Your_Field_Final_Project_Grading_Rubric