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Course – Info system security
Topic: Recovery in Physical Security
• 10-12 pages (not including title, TOC, references, and any appendices)
• Double spaced APA style
• At least 10 references
• At least 5 of your references must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles
The purpose of the research paper is to associate controls (administrative, technical, and physical) with your assigned physical security goal.
• Some items that need to be addressed are:
• Associated Threats
• Policies
• Procedures
• Plans
• Guidelines and standards
• Appropriate controls
• Issues and concerns for different industries
• Business continuity and risk mitigation
• Budgetary concerns
• Find and review peer-reviewed scholarly articles concerning the access control and the associated industry
• Find and review other information that associates with your topic area
• Apply research from articles on a chosen topic area to create a research paper
APA format and stritcly no plagarism