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Directions: Present a literary argument from one or more stories we have covered and provide adequate supports and details.
Papers must be 3-5 pages, double spaced. The Works Cited page must be included but is not counted as a page of writing. The Works Cited page must include the short story or stories you are writing about and any research material you use. The paper must follow spelling and grammar rules and conventions, MLA formatting, in-text citation, and works cited rules. Do not use first or second person pronouns (I/you).
Research requirement – Use 1-2 resources from the school’s library databases to integrate support for 1-2 points. It can be a direct quote, paraphrased quote, or summary. It must have an in-text parenthetical citation and a matching entry in the Works Cited list. Try not to use more than one direct quote per paragraph unless it is necessary for your argument.
Having an outline is essential to creating a clear paper with an arguable and demonstrable point.
If there is no outline, the essay might not be well-constructed or fulfill all criteria.
Having a rough draft which is peer reviewed is also essential to the writing process.
Submit both outline and rough draft to discussion board for peer review and review two peers by the dates listed at the top of the page.