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Discussion-1 (450words with 2 apa citations inside the paragraph)
Do an internet search and find out the results of the Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case that the Craig discusses in the assigned text.
Write a commentary on your thoughts on the case.
Minimum 450 words.
Discussion -2 (450words with 2 apa citations inside the paragraph)
1. On the discussion forum, describe an instance of plagiarism or other use of another’s intellectual property with which you are familiar. Please give one argument condemning this conduct and one argument defending it.
Graded Assignment – 1 and half page
On April 18, 2016, The United States Supreme Court denied a petition for certiorari (refused to review the lower court’s ruling) in the case of Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., 804 F. 3d 202 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 2015.
Tell me what you would do if you were the Supreme Court.
That case let stand the ruling of the Court of Appeals which can be found at the following website:
Discussion -3 (300 words with 2 apa citations inside the paragraph))
QUESTION: Identify and briefly discuss one recommendation that should be followed when using a corporate blog for branding, marketing, or public relations purposes.
Discussion-4 (900 words with 3 apa citations inside the paragraph)

Write a critical evaluation of
Managerial finance course outcomes. In your response, consider:
1. Consider the content of course as they relate to financial acuity and managerial decision making.
2. Base on the course content, discuss the new skills you acquired from this class?
3. How would you apply your new knowledge of your current and/or future profession?