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Doctoral Studies Dissertation Pathway Milestones – 2 pages
A milestone is a monumental point in your growth and development in the dissertation process. A milestone serves as a guide or stepping stone, moving from one step to the next. It will also help you to stay on track.
What is your definition of a milestone?
If you do not complete the milestone in your courses, will you pass the course? Discuss your response.
Is a milestone significant in the Doctorate program?
Using the Dissertation Pathway Milestones, describe in a paragraph for each course:
(a) what is expected of you? and
(b) what is occurring?
RES804 Principles of Research Methods and Design
RES812 Qualitative Research Methods
RES814 Quantitative Research Methods
RES860 Doctoral Research I: Principles of Research and Writing
RES861 Doctoral Research II: Annotated Bibliography
RES862 Dissertation Research Process