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During my time at the Police academy I had the fortune of hearing many good public speakers as well as bad.
Very early on I was able to tell if the speaker was going to be effective in his or her lecture with the class.
The way that a public speaker addresses the class and starts it off will usually determine how the rest of the lecture will be.
A good speaker that I have had the fortune of hearing from was very professional yet laid back. At the academy
is already very uptight and strict so to have a public speaker that can be professional yet laid back is relatable.
This individual makes eye contact while introducing
them self, explains what the lecture will be about, and explains how questions will be addressed and when.
He also showed such a huge interest and passion in what was being lectured, which interested the class that much more. A different public speaker that we had the unfortunate
experience of having to
was one that never introduced himself. This person solely relied on his
slideshow to even teach the class. No questions were asked or answered for that matter.
A good effective speaker always
them self and explains the topic that will be discussed. Eye contact is crucial as well as having knowledge of what is being taught.
on the subject will interest the audience more to wonder what makes this topic so important to yourself.
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