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For assignment one trauma informed care (TIC). One of the key features of trauma informed care is to avoid re-traumatising the person through the practices of the service. For many people, being admitted to a mental health service places them at risk of witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event, and hence being re-traumatised. Some of these traumatising events include: being secluded and restrained Conduct a review of the literature concerning TIC taking into account the following sections that need to be addressed for this paper. Develop a brief paper of 2,000 words (about 8 pages with title page, end text references and appendices excluded). Have a title page with your name, address and student number USE HEADINGS Introduce your paper and its objectives (Half a page) Define TIC and discuss the evidence from the literature concerning TIC (Three pages) Outline effective evaluation tools (Two pages) Consider one aspect of Re-traumatisation (see key points above) and consider how this could be reduced in the clinical setting (Two pages) Conclude your paper (Half a page) Provide references in APA (6th edition) style. 20 Refeences needed less than 10 years old.