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For your fourth reaction paper, I would like you to read the following article:

Please remember your reaction paper should be a maximum of 300 words, written professionally, and addresses the three key questions mentioned in the syllabus (i.e., what did you find interesting/valuable, what are the weaknesses or aspects you disagree with, and how will you use or apply this new knowledge).

The reaction papers will be scored on the key criterion of how well you have addressed the three required elements/questions in your write-up on a 3-point scale (0 – inadequate/not submitted; 0.5 – minimal analysis/room for elaboration; 1 – Meets/Exceeds expectations). That is, to score a full mark you should aim to exhibit a thorough and rigorous analysis and assessment of the content.


Compose a four-page essay on one of the following topic below. Include your explicit-thesis statement at the end of your introduction. Your explicit-thesis statement should be argumentative in tone.  Include at least four secondary sources in your essay. All sources must come from the university’s database, Ebscohost. They must come from scholarly journals.  Do not pad your essay with quotations; give specific examples and supporting details to prove your claim.  Again, your thesis statement should be an argumentative, explicit-thesis with a strong focus of discussion.  Use the most recent format of the MLA format to document your essay with in-text citations and your works cited sheet. The essay must be at least four pages in length. Do not include clichés and pretentious language.


Should society encourage traditional values and traditional forms and neglect other family structures such as same-sex and single parent families?