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1. The first paragraph will address our topic: this paragraph reflects any changes we may made since gathering feedback or developing our ideas.

2. The second paragraph will specifically address our plans for essay-Two: (ESSAY 2 Change in your topic or conducting your own study)

include the argumentative thesis statement in this paragraph; explain very specifically the question or issue that our argumentative thesis statement will answer. Make sure that our thesis/ question directly relates to the prompt for Essay-two and be specific to our narrowed topic.[ Do not repeat the prompt as a research question; we must be specific to our topic] Also, in this paragraph explain what types of sources we anticipate needs (be specific— a scholarly journal article is NOT specific, but I will look for an article from a psychology journal that deals with how laughter defuses anger to help support my claim that humor is actually a weapon would be specific). Think about your audience, including how you will make the issue important to them and how you plan to persuade them. Explain proposal; specific problems you anticipate running into with Essay-2. (Remember this is a professional proposal; specific problems you anticipate running into is not an excuse to whine, but a chance to get clarification, feedback, or assistance on actual issues)

Also in this paragraph, include the following: (Questions list)

+ Why you think this argument (your thesis / question0nis important)

+ Who might disagree and how you plan to persuade them. ( Remember, if no one would disagree, then you do not have an argument or narrow enough focus. Also, you are probably writing a report rather than an essay. Keep these issues in mind for all your essays!)

+ What sources have you found and how do they help you to support your position? Remember you need several different types of sources and these guidelines will be included in the prompt

+ Are there any types of sources you are having trouble finding?

+Include any other ides/ information/plans/troubles regarding the essay

3. The next paragraph will specifically address Essay-three: (ESSAY-three Argument about a specific controversy within your topic)

Use the instructions given for the previous paragraph (Essay-Two) and repeat the same process using the essay prompt and instruction for essay-three.

4. This paragraph will specifically address Essay-four: (ESSAY-four Answers and argues your refined research question about the importance of your topic)

While you should repeat the instructions above as applied to the prompt for Essay-four, you also need to look at how you will combine elements from your earlier essays into Essay-four. By researching extensively and looking at your narrowed topic from multiple angles, you will be building expertise; the last essay is where you pull that expertise together. What issues or points from your earlier essays will be used in essay-four? Which sources from the earlier essays should help you to support the argument for this? What impact do you hope this essay will have on a general academic audience? How will it contribute to a greater understanding of the narrowed topic you will be addressing all semester long? What is the significance of your overall position/ argument?

5. This paragraph a final paragraph about your purpose: Audience awareness and purpose are essential to good research writing. The general purpose of an argumentative research paper is “not to inform the reader what others have to say about a topic, but to draw on what others have to say about a topic […] in order to thoughtfully offer a unique perspective on the issue at hand.” Your job as a writer is to add something new and interesting to the topic and to persuade your readers to either seriously contemplate your position or accept and take action based on that position.

6. Includes a well-researched annotated bibliography of at least ten suitable sources:

● at least 4 scholarly secondary sources (from academic journals)

● at least 1 other secondary source (reliable but not necessarily scholarly)

● at least 2 nonfiction primary sources

● at least 1 creative primary source

● the remaining sources should be reliable and appropriate for academic essays.


Overall of the essay-one

1. Introduction: Address our topic

2. Change over Time: Change in your topic or conducting your own study

3. Controversy: Argument about a specific controversy within your topic

4. Significance: Answers and argues your refined research question about the importance of your topic.

5. Concussion: About your purpose

#1Clarify: And you can look specifically more info to the essay-one in this, “file’s name is  S20 102 Prompt – Google Docs “.

#2: Example of the  Essay structure  Only#Also, there’s an example of the prospective organized what would look like for the structure only, “File’s number one”.

#3 Old work for the essay-one that can help too, “File’s name is A.Bib, Document-1, and Document-2 “.