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Please answer the following questions: “Should Neptune launch a mass-market brand? “(no more than 500 words).  You can find the file in the same folder.

GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A CASE STUDY  Please make certain that your case study analysis is no longer than 500 words.  When you write a case study, it is important not summarize the case. Please resist  this temptation. I would like you to follow the following outline for your case  studies:  1) Please identify the central issue(s) or problem(s) in the case study;  2) Please explain what the source of the central issue(s) or problem(s) is. Why  is the situation the way it is?  3) Please explain what the implications and/or ramifications of the situation  are;  4) Please make a recommendation or endorsement. (It is essential that your  recommendation be supported by your analysis in step #


Please respond to the following:

As stated in the textbook, the motivation to belong is an important part of human life. Consumers are generally social creatures who desire contact and affiliation with others. As a result, consumers often belong to a number of formal or informal groups. These groups can exert a significant influence on consumer behavior. In this week’s blog post, discuss two to three (2-3) methods in which a business could use LinkedIn to influence consumer behavior.

Your blog entry should be approximately two to three (2-3) paragraphs in length. Additionally, be sure to respond to the blog entries created by two (2) of your peers.