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Here is the notes from my Dr and i need it by tomorrow morning ,
Moreover i am from Saudi Arabia must be ppt at my country
(First Draft)
The research you have completed in preparing this presentation is fairly good.
However, the document you turned in is not yet complete. Make sure that you answer every question put to you in the prompt. Most importantly, you have missed the References page.
In addition, the document you turned in would not make a very good presentation, yet. Either you would end up just reading the information you put on the screen; alternatively, if you didnt just read the slides, you would leave the audience to read too much information that isnt related to what you are explaining verbally.
Your task is to take the information you have gathered and make the slides look professional from the visual perspective. To do this you need to make them consistent from slide to slide. Make sure you are using the same size font and the same symbols from slide to slide. That is a huge task, and harder than most people realize.
Second, you will have to cut down the amount of words on the screen. You should only select the key words and phrases. This will give the audience a road map to your presentation. They can look at the key words and any graphs/visual information you present, but they arent overwhelmed by too much information. (Too much information and they will try to read the text and not pay attention to you.