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High-profile cases of accounting fraud in recent years, in addition to the prevalence of earnings management practices to deliberately mislead investors, suggest that ethics are a significant concern for accounting, financial analysis, and management professionals.

For this discussion, you will explain the role of management professionals with regard to accounting and analysis ethics, and you will detail any challenges managers may face in ensuring ethical accounting practices. You will also reflect on how the things you have learned in this course will aid you in your career. Your response for this final discussion will be in the form of a video using the built-in video functionality in the discussion area.

Review the codes of ethics and professional standards in the module resources and then address the following questions:

  • What is the manager’s responsibility regarding ethical financial reporting?
  • What challenges might a manager face in ensuring ethical accounting and financial analysis practices?

In your responses to your peers, compare and contrast your perceptions with their assessment of the role of managers regarding ethical accounting practices and the challenges they may face. Can you identify additional challenges? How does their assessment of the future impact of this course compare with your own? Please note that replies to your peers can be done via video or a written response.