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I need the Promotional Strategy for the following product (Nutritional Bar). The paper should be in length of 3-3.5 pages with at least 3 references. Please use the following infromation.
What is our product ?
Our product is a Nutritional bar for the working class, living in urban areas.
Who is the product for and Why did we choose this target market?
There is a growing shift from the rural to the urban areas also there is a growing working class in the country. These people with the purchasing power living in the cities. Rise in consumption of fast foods is seen in the country because of the fast working life-style. It is very unhealthy and healthy options are in demand.
Who is the product NOT for?
We did not target the rural area because priced at a premium price.
Why did we choose this product? Does it solve any problem?
This product will fulfill the nutritional needs of the people who live a fast paced life.
The Bar consists of the following nutrients (include what cures the above deficiencies, could be leafy greens etc).
We could use Keratin/Carotene as it is good for the skin and hair. Found in carrots so we can use carrots as an ingredient in the bar.
Go sugar free as diabetes is big! Stevia leaves?