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Write a paper, in APA format, that describes the difference between network management and telecommunications management.
Be sure to discuss the types of things that need to be monitored.
Identify how the IT Department might be organized in relation to these two areas.
Describe how network and telecommunications might be integrated or separate divisions and issues related to both structures.
Identify the relevance for service level management, metrics, and scorecards.
Resources for Writing in APA Format:
OWL – Purdue Online Writing Lab’s APA Formatting and Style Guide
(Links to an external site.)
Example of an APA formatted paper from Purdue OWL
(Links to an external site.)
This paper must be:
In APA format
750–1500 words
12 pt font
Turnitin, an integrated plagiarism tool, will be used to screen all writing assignment submissions for this course. After you have reviewed the instructions and the Individual Paper Rubric, complete your submission using the Turnitin Tool below. For assistance using the Turnitin Tool, please reference this guide on submitting a paper through Turnitin
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