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Most organizations have a customer base and/or a product catalog. The customer base or the product catalog have associated attributes. Tiffin University (TU) has a base of customers, the students, in which you are a part of. Each student has a lot of related data associated with them. TU also has a list of products, the different majors offered. Each major also has a lot of related data. A company normally uses a database management system (DBMS) to store this data. It is typically called a relational DBMS.
Activity Instructions
Conduct research through the Tiffin University Library and reputable Internet sources and write a 2-page paper which thoroughly explains the concept of a relational DBMS.
Be sure to address the following components in your essay:
the purpose of tables in a database,
terminology associated with a table structure,
the function of different keys associated with the tables,
the different types of relationships associated with the tables,
the purpose of querying a database and how querying helps an organization make decisions,
data redundancy,
data integrity,
benefits and drawbacks to using a relational DBMS.
As you address these concepts, be sure to support your explanation and analysis with examples of databases and their structures (use examples other than Tiffin University).
Writing and Submission Requirements
2 pages (approx. 300 words per page), not including title page or references page.
Minimum of 2 resources