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Is bitcoin the future of digital payments?
What are bitcoin’s advantages and disadvantages as a payment platform?
The case study also explored the roles of startups in facilitating bitcoin payments. From an investor’s point of view, which of the following types of startups do you view as the most promising, and why?
a) A one-sided provider of merchant payment services (BitPay)
b) A one-sided provider of digital wallet services (Circle, Xapo)
c) A two-sided provider of both merchant services and digital wallets (Coinbase)
Would stablecoins like the one intended for Facebook Libra, be a contender to last in market? Why or why not?
2) What are the challenges for the industry as a whole to gain adoption?
3) What will be required for the future of Cryptocurrencies or Crypto tokens to succeed in market?
Are there particular industries and/or jurisdictions that will see more success than others?
4) How might COVID-19 impact the reliance (or lack thereof) on the crypto market?
5) What are your thoughts on the security trilemma as it relates to bitcoin? (refer to second article posted below)
If one of the premises of the blockchain industry was to operate in a decentralized and distributed manner (for an array of reasons in lieu of the 2008 financial crisis), what are your thoughts on corporations adopting blockchain solutions – in essence, centralizing control? What about blockchain based companies that also appear to centralize control around themselves as opposed to traditional corporations?