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Is Dimensional Managed DC an improvement over existing options such as lifestyle and target-date retirement funds? Why or why not?
If SmartNest is a game-changing innovation, why not partner with even larger institutions like Vanguard or Fidelity, which already have the infrastructure and inroads into the market?
How have automated retirement platforms changed the way people invest for their retirement? Do you think “set and forget” options like Dimensional Managed DC SmartNest will ultimately disintermediate retirement advisors, or will they remain a link in the product distribution chain?
What solution best overcomes investor inertia in the early stages of investing?
In the long term, how do you see robo-advisors evolving to fill the need of empathy or human connection? As a customer, would you be comfortable in never dealing with outright with a human from one of these organizations? What might be your considerations for or against this?