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Lin, 2019. Taking Back the Boulevard: Art, Activism and Gentrification in Los Angeles. Introduction and Chapters 1 & 2 . Focus on Chapter 2. Please do not use quotes – put everything in your own words.
Answer the question below based on the article (Minimum 7 sentences):
1. In Chapter 2, Lin situates the gentrification of Northeast Los Angeles in a longer history of neighborhood change, organized into four distinct phases. Discuss the shift from revitalization to gentrification; which factors seem most important to you in explaining this change?
2. What is the stage model of gentrification, according to Lin? How can we see these stages reflected in the changing commercial corridors of York Ave or Figueroa Street? Include examples in your response.
3. What do the data on race, ethnicity and household size show about the changes in Northeast LA from 2000 to 2010? Include a few of the key statistics in your response.