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Top-level Domains

1. Recently many more top-level domains (some include: .biz, .info, .name,  .travel, .coop, and .pro) have been added.  Which ones would you  consider to be beneficial to an online business?  Would you consider  using one of the newer top-level domains or would you stick to the more  conventional .com?  Explain why.


2. Read about Amazon’s stake in this debate. The company would like to  have the domain .amazon, instead of I invite you to read an  interesting article (Links to an external site.) about this issue, and the subsequent governmental concerns that arose.

Bonus Question: What do you  think about the case in the article, should Amazon be allowed to control  .amazon domain? Why or why not?


3. Explain how CRM can increase purchase amount per customer. This can include increasing order size or frequency.


4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial aspect of any  long-term marketing plan. Customer acquisition costs are very high, so  once a company has obtained a customer it typically costs a fraction of  the price to maintain that customer. They do this through the ongoing  relation they build with the customer (CRM). Today CRM has also moved  online and embraced the social nature of the 21st Century  Internet culture. It is relatively cheap, the message can be  individualized or general, the message can change instantly if needed,  and it is (typically) already where the customers are conversing  anyways. As a marketer, it’s like walking up to a group of people  talking and adding your voice to the conversation.

This is known a Social CRM, where customers interact through various  public channels like social media. This makes for a more personable  interaction that lets customers connect with the business in more ways  than one.

Bonus Question– The video discusses the benefits of social CRM. Do any of you work with mobile or social CRM programs?

Social CRM

3 pages incorporate the questions. (Due Oct 29, 2019 6pm EST)