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The assignment has a partial example/template for Essay II: Essay II 101 RA media assignment TTH.docx



Thesis and TS’s presented in full sentence form.

At least 4 BP’s should be outlined (no more than 5).

Supporting details should follow PIES structure (IES) – except for the summary/description/overview of the ‘text’ in the first body paragraph. Here’s a handout that may help you plan the I and S parts of body paragraph 2 and beyond: Development of MT RA Points – Suggestions and Help.docx


Provide a file or link to your media text if possible.


The research about Organizational Culture and Employee Behavior. it’s connected to this one

Open the Individual research file for instructions I HIGHLIGHTED what you need to do for paper 2 and 3, I UPLOADED EXAMPLES take a look at them to know how the paper should be. MSA 600 Research Paper Three Rubric FOR GRADING this is only for paper 3 you also have the book in case you need it. I uploaded every files for each paper separately. There is a photo I need you to answer each question just a couple of sentences it’s about the same one. In the end, you will give me 3 files one for paper 2, second for paper 3 and the third for the photo only a couple of sentences for it.

Paper 3 

You should carefully review these examples of the front matter and “second chapter” – do not be confused by the use of the word “chapter” – these examples are experts from larger bodies of work.