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This assignment requires you to choose one case study and discuss the pathophysiology of one medical condition, including the contributing factors/risk factors and link these with the theories of aging/sociological perspectives of aging. Analyse the relevant case study & discuss the impact of the disease/illness on the health of the elderly person and the ethical/legal issues that need to be considered when caring for this person.

Depending on the case study you choose, select Two of the listed medications for the elderly person and describe the action of medication & side effects related to the pathophysiology of the medical diagnosis/illness you have chosen.

Discuss a model of care and recommend appropriate strategies and resources that will enable this person to maintain their quality of life.

References need to be current, acknowledged and referenced according to APA 6th style.

(Min 10 references and Maximum 20 references required for case study) references should be books, journals, articals.. (don’t use website)

1. Introduction = is of a very high standard and clearly indicates you have a well-developed understand the topic under review
2.  1. Pathophysiology of medical condition/ ILLNESS
2. Clearly describes the contributing factors and has provided relevant literature to support argument.
3.  Uses relevant, convincing evidence and is able to make connection between the client’s medical condition and the theories of ageing/ sociological perspective.

1.Clearly identifies (2) medications that relates to the medical illness/disease chosen.
2. Clearly and thoroughly describes the mechanism of action and side effects of the (2) medications explicitly.
4. 1.  Discuss the impact of the disease/ illness on the health of the person and
2. The ethical/ legal issues that need to be considered.
5. 1. . Extensively draws from literature and clearly describes the models and strategies for the management of disease/illness.
2. Excellent understanding of the resources available in the management of the diseases/ illnesses that is well supported with literature.