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Description Of The Assignment

For this assignment, the focus is preparation for the presentation to the selected elected official regarding the healthcare concern and the proposed resolution.  A video presentation of the healthcare concern and its proposed resolution will be prepared and presented.  Following completion of this, a written self-evaluation is required.

2.Paper Content:

Overview of the healthcare policy concern and solution: This section provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the healthcare policy as well as the solution.  Required content includes:

Identification of the healthcare policy

Identification of the student identified solution

Relevance to the community or population group

Identification of communication techniques: This section requires the delineation of communication techniques useful to the upcoming presentation to the selected elected official.  Required content includes:

Identification of the selected elected official and position

Rationale for the selection

Identification of 4 (four) beneficial communication/presentation techniques

Providing scholarly resources that support the use of the identified communication techniques

Self-evaluation of video presentation:  This section provides an opportunity for self-evaluation of the video recording.  The student must self-evaluate oneself in each major content area by identifying one positive and one area to improve (i.e. content, method of delivery, and style of delivery):


Introduction of self

Presentation of healthcare policy concern

Presentation of student identified solution to the healthcare policy concern


Information is relevant to healthcare concern and its solution