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Fallacies are being considered as the mistaken belief which is being developed based on the unsound argument. There are different types of fallacies. Logical fallacies are being considered as the invalidate argument which are difficult to spot. It is true that it is very important for having the understanding regarding the basis logical fallacies in case of developing a confident argument. By continuing this, it can also be said that with the proper understanding of Logical fallacies it can be easier to improve the daily conversation.  It is true that the variations of fallacies are endless. Depending on the knowledge of fallacies, it can be easier for individual to develop a sound conclusion. In case of identifying the logical fallacies, logical gap needs to be identified. There are different types of fallacy examples, such as

1) The Straw Man Fallacy

In case of straw man fallacy, simplifying the argument for making the easier attack for refusing. Rather than addressing the full argument, the speaker rely on the superficiality. Based on the creation of illusion in this case the speaker defeat the opponent.

John: I think we should hire someone for redesigning our website.

Lia: You’re saying we should throw our money away on external resources rather than building up our in-house design team? I think that is going to hurt our organization in future.

2) The Bandwagon Fallacy

It cannot be always right even if significant population believe a proportion is true. it is true that popularity can not enough for developing a validate argument. It is true that validating and argument popularity cannot be the enough strength. By continuing this it can also beats say that in this type of arguments based on the contrary evidences the argument is being qualified.

The majority of people believe that the adds should spend large amount in billboards, as billboards are the important form of advertissements

3) The Appeal to Authority Fallacy

This type of arguments often becomes dangerous when the speaker relied too heavily on his own opinion. Specially in case of validating something the person may attempt arrogance.

All the policies which have been implemented in our organization are much lower than usual but we should focus on pushing forward these strategies by adding some more as CREO find this is the best approach.

4) The False Dilemma Fallacy

In case of presenting the false issues, these types of arguments are being highlighted. In such cases, the arguments are being highlighted based on the spectrum of possibilities that reduces the false dilemma. By continuing this, it can also be said that in this types of arguments, rather than acknowledging the issues, only mutual exclusive outcomes are being highlighted.

Either we can go with the plan of Barbara or can wait for the failure.

5) The Hasty Generalization Fallacy

In case of drawing the expansive conclusions this types of fallacy arose. Depending on the inadequate as well as in sufficient evidences, these types of arguments are being developed.

Among all the team members two have shown their interests in case of speaking in the meeting. That proves we should ensure individuals engagement.

6) The Slothful Induction Fallacy

It can be considered as the extract inverse of the hasty generalization fallacy. With thee sufficient amount of logical evidences these types of arguments are being aroused.

Analyzing the project report for last two years we can be able to analyze its circumstances.

7) The Correlation/Causation Fallacy

In the case of correlation fallacy, two variables are being highlighted. Some of the cases it is not compulsory to highlight one of those variables.

The viewers of our blog were down in April. We have changed the color of our blog on the same month. Hence, we can say that changing the color of our page decreased the number of viewers.

8) The Anecdotal Evidence Fallacy

In this type of argument logical evidences are very important. in such cases the personal evidences are also being used essay important part.

After changing the landing page text to write green one of our clients double their conversions. Hence it can be said that after changing the bright green color of the text client has doubled the conversions.

9) The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy

Around the closest cluster this kind of argument focus on directly targeting the opponent. the speaker who rely on on this kind of LIC tent mostly developed the arguments based on the the data and predetermined conclusions.

Lia maybe a successful entrepreneur as she has sold her for startup to a reputed technical company.

10) The Middle Ground Fallacy

In case of middle ground fallacy depending on the assumptions of the compromise between two extreme conflicting points the argument is being developed. In this type of argument the extreme situations can be reflected using true and false comments.

Lia assume that in order to bring the improvement in the company redesigning the company website cannot be e beneficial. However John is firmly against creating any changes in the company website. In such cases both of their approaches are acceptable.

11) The Burden of Proof Fallacy

In case of burden of proof fallacy if a person claim the authenticity of a particular topic it should be the responsibility of that particular person to collect evidence for supporting their argument. In such cases the arguments are being trusted until someone else prove that the provided information is wrong.

Lia things that the headquarter of the company is a haunted place however no one has face such kind of audible situation in their workplace.

12) The Personal Incredulity Fallacy

In such cases if any person faces difficulty in case of understandingtThe authenticity of a particular topic that does not make the particular topic wrong. In such cases depending on lack of understanding ability of a particular person a particular opinion cannot be called as invalid.

Some of us in this organization I have difficulties for understanding the process of redesigning the website so I believe there must be someone who will be able to help us to deal with factor.

13) The “No True Scotsman” Fallacy

This kind of fallacy is used most of the times in case of protecting the assertion that is relied on universal generalizations. This fallacy in accurately defeats counterexamples by changing the condition of original claim for excluding the counter example.

John: none of the marketer has agreed to put the two call actions

Barbara: Lia, a marketer, she has found our idea for putting the two call actions exiting

John: Well, none of the marketer will agree to put the two call actions, so Lia must not be a true marketer

14) The Tu quoque Fallacy

In this type of argument invalid attempts are being taken for discrediting the opponent by criticizing them. This kind of fallacy cannot be used for making any kind of counter argument.

Lola: I don’t think John would be a good fit to manage this project, because he doesn’t have a lot of experience with project management.

John: But you don’t have a lot of experience in project management either!

15) The Fallacy Fallacy

By making a fallacy riddle claim it does not automatically invalidate the argument of an opponent.

John has argued in favor of redesigning the company website where John has relied on cherry-picked Statistics bye supporting his argument in that case Lia has decided not to redesign the website.