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  1. Using the Virtual Library, Internet, and/or other academic resources, including research information on Professor Albert Mehrabian’s Communication Model.
    1. Write a one-page essay that explains his theory, including the Mehrabian formula (7%, 38%, 55%).
    2. In addition, express your personal opinion regarding Mehrabian’s Communication Model, demonstrating valid support for your point of view.
    3. Be sure to use APA style, include bibliographic citations and references, and submit to NetTutor for feedback.
    4. Make sure to include 1-2 reference in your paper.

******The facilitator will send written works to SafeAssignTM to check for plagiarism


Child abuse investigations are some of the most heart wrenching and difficult for a criminal investigator to pursue. Nevertheless, they are a requirement of the role. Investigators must stay focused on the investigative and legal requirements for thorough, unbiased, and legally sufficient investigations in order to present the evidence in a court of law. Select any high-profile child victim case (e.g., Susan Smith, JonBenet Ramsey, Polly Klaas, Jessica Lunsford, etc.) and discuss what you would do to prevent your personal opinions, feelings, and biases to negatively affect the criminal investigation.


Now that you have read the play, A Doll’s House, I would like for you to illustrate your skills in persuasive writing.

Nora is on trial, and her crime can be varied such as forgery or desertion. As an attorney, write a well-developed paragraph of at least 200 words and discuss whether to defend or prosecute Nora for forgery or desertion.