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Students watch two mental health case studies and respond to a number of questions designed to make sense of the dynamics between two patients and interviewers from different perspectives. Please access the webpage at and watch the four cases contained in this Youtube video. Choose two of the four case vignettes for your exploration and respond to the following questions: • How do the patients describe or express their mental condition? • Which frameworks are the interviewers using to relate to the patients? • What are the goals of the interviewers? • What sense do the interviewers make of the conditions? • How would you interpret the presented stories and behaviours using an empathic, meaning, and trauma oriented approach? • What do you feel when watching the two stories? • How would you related to the two patients if you had been the interviewer? • How may the patients have responded to your way of relating to them? Put your responses to each of the two case studies into a narrative that is able to explain the difference between the medical and the biopsychosocial model. Support your observations with a minimum of 15 high-quality references. ( please choose male 1 and the female)