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Write a brief essay (300-500 words or so) about a current news story that interests you in some way. In your essay, describe the situation–the facts of the story–and any images that relate to the story, especially if the images are striking (unusual) in some way. Be sure to include the people or groups who are involved in the story. Questions to consider as you write your essay: What is the issue that comes from the story? What opposing views have emerged? What is your viewpoint regarding the story? How did you arrive at your point of view? What evidence did you consider? Were you influenced by the comments of a public figure? Did you consider the facts of the story? What emotions does the story evoke? What is your conclusion regarding the story at this time?

Note: A news story includes facts, not opinions. Be sure to include the title and author of the story (if there is a stated author) and the source (newspaper, online story, television, radio, etc.)


What are the key elements of effective communication? Think of a situation you were involved in (work place, school, or personal) that you were involved in that required you to use one of the key elements to resolve a conflict. Provide a brief background to the situation, the communication that took place, and explain how the conflict was resolved. if you had to go through a similar situation again, what would you do differently, if anything? Why? 230 words