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please see attached file for instructions

Signature Assignment: Program Planning

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Read chapters 6-9 of your text book.  Your main focus will be on chapter 6 (Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives).  Using information you obtained through your needs assessment, you will plan a unique health program and develop a goal statement, objectives and activities/strategies for your program in 2–3-pages.  Research what works and what doesn’t.  Be creative and think outside the box – based on your research what do you think would help minimize the health problem?


· Start this assignment on the same file/paper as your Needs Assessment.  You will add this on to what you turned in last week.

· Read the Program Planning sample(s) before you start (
the samples provided are longer than you are required to submit.  You should be able to address all required information in 2-3 pages) 

Teen COPE_Program Planning.pdf

· Address and discuss all 
BOLDED items below

· Use at least 2 sources from your textbook, government reports or scholarly/peer reviewed journals

· List all references (sources) at the end in correct APA 6th Edition format and in alphabetical order

· Cite each reference on your reference list at least once inside the text of your paper

· Do not use any quotations in your paper – write everything in your own words

· Proofread what you wrote

· Grade what you wrote using the Program Planning rubric

· Utilize NU resources (see Resources below) to help with your paper


Program Planning

Goal Statement:  Provide a simple and concise program goal.  It should include the priority population and what will change as a result of the program (see pg. 132-142)

Process Objectives (see box 6.6 ; Table 6.2)

Activities & Strategies for Reaching Process Objective(s)

Learning Objective(s) (see box 6.6 ; Table 6.2,)

Activities & Strategies for Reaching Learning Objective(s)

Behavioral Objective(s) (see box 6.6; Table 6.2)

Activities and Strategies for Reaching Behavioral Objective(s)

Environmental Objective(s) (see box 6.6; Table 6.2)

Activities and Strategies for Reaching Environmental Objective(s)

Outcome Objective(s) (see box 6.6; Table 6.2)


At least two process, two learning, two behavioral and two environmental objectives are required but often times more are included.  Only one outcome objective is required (
Tip: for your outcome objective think of restating your goal statement as a well-written objective).


Make sure ALL objectives are written following SMART guidelines and are objectives that are relevant to the program and which could be realistically achieved. Objective(s) should be properly written and contain all of the following: the outcome to be achieved (what); the conditions (when the change will occur) ; the criterion for deciding when the objective has been achieved (how much change) ; and the priority population (who will change).


Specific and detailed activities and strategies to reach each process, learning, behavioral and environmental objective should also be described. The activities should be appropriate for the priority population and are likely to bring about behavior change to meet the stated objective.


Health Promotion/Education Materials: Describe in detail, health promotion/education or other program materials needed for activities or to reach each objective

Timeline :
  Create a GANTT Chart ( Chapter 11, Figure 11.2)  that includes due dates (program timeline) for activities and demonstrate progress towards completing the activity and reaching the objective.



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